Consumers are dedicated to improving health and wellness, grapple with cost of better-for-you products, Nutiani finds

“Even with the tightening of purse strings, we continue to see bright spots in the wellbeing nutrition space as this will remain top of mind for consumers. For instance, 65% of consumers surveyed plan to make dietary changes to improve their health and wellbeing over the next year, which is a 3 percentage point increase over the last survey in 2021. There is a massive opportunity here for brands to tap on this demand by staying tuned to rapidly evolving consumer preferences in the current market,” said Komal Mistry-Mehta, chief innovation and brand officer at Nutiani’s parent company Fonterra. 

Consumers prioritize essential products over wants, including wellness and nutrition products

In collaboration with market research firm Ipsos, Nutiani interviewed​ 2,500 global consumers 18 to 80 years old, to gauge their perceptions on how health and wellness influence their purchase decisions and how shoppers grapple with higher food prices. The report expanded on data shared in Nutiani’s 2024 top 10 trend report​.

Overall, consumers are balancing between purchasing products that improve their health and wellness and how much they can afford. More than half of consumers (53%) are prioritizing essential items more than wants, and roughly one in four shoppers say they are purchasing fewer but higher quality items to make the most out of their spending. 

Despite higher food and beverage prices, 60% of consumers say health and wellbeing issues are top concerns for them in 2023, up from 55% based on 2021 numbers. Most consumers (68%) also say that nutrition can treat specific health conditions, and US consumers are seeking products to address various health and wellness issues. 


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