Wellness travel market predicted to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025

In an industry marked by scientific advancements and a global push towards longer lives, Chenot Palace Gabala has shed light on upcoming wellness trends for the year. Wellness has expanded beyond mere exercise and appearance, emphasising overall well-being. The anticipated global wellness trend for 2024 is set to prioritise “longevity” and healthier lifestyles. The wellness travel market is predicted to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025, underscoring its economic significance and role in shaping global well-being. 

Holistic escapes on the rise 

The trend towards holistic escapes signifies a growing preference for well-being experiences among travellers. These escapes merge luxury with health-oriented activities in natural settings. Aligned with the industry’s shift towards comprehensive well-being, holistic escapes provide a transformative journey, curating every element to enhance health. 

Tailored wellness journeys 

The rise of personalised wellness journeys caters to diverse individual needs. Chenot Palace Gabala showcases this trend with specialised programmes like three-day and seven-night advanced detox programmes, tailored to individual requirements. The approach involves mapping out specific areas to customise unique wellness paths based on individual goals. 

Emphasis on longevity 

The wellness industry witnesses an upswing in the longevity trend, promoting long and healthy lives through various lifestyle choices, preventive measures, and holistic approaches to well-being. It includes personalised nutrition, health assessments, and mindful living, emphasising proactive strategies for maintaining health and vitality globally.   

Proactive scientific wellness 

Proactive scientific wellness gains traction in health and wellness, led by Henri Chenot of the Chenot Group. This approach centres around prevention and adaptation, with innovation, technology, and precision medicine as key drivers.  

The significance of personalised nutrition 

Personalised nutrition takes centrestage, focusing on caloric density, nutritional value, and preparation methods to purify and rebalance the body. These trends signify a move towards rejuvenating experiences that align with evolving health aspirations worldwide.   

Global wellness travel 

A study by the World Tourism Association, covering 48 countries, reveals that more than one-fourth of people (24 per cent) are very likely to plan a wellness vacation in the next two years, with 78 per cent already including wellness activities in their travel plans. 

Rishad Sharifov, General Manager at Chenot Palace Gabala, remarked, “In the evolving landscape of 2024 and beyond, a heightened awareness of well-being is placing a firmer focus on individual health. Be it in trends, travel, or daily routines, the key is maintaining a steadfast commitment to wellness. At Chenot Palace Gabala, we don’t just offer temporary escapes; we encourage guests to integrate lasting insights into their lives.” 



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