Wellness: Buzzfeed can diagnose which Disney character you are, not your medical condition | Community

Fortunately, Buzzfeed has never claimed to be able to give you any medical diagnosis. But plenty of other sources on the internet walk the fine line between “this is not medical advice” and “this sure sounds a lot like medical advice”. There’s a quiz for everything, and a “cure” for everything. A problem you didn’t know you had, and the product that can solve it (for three easy payments of $ 19.95, plus shipping and handling!) Anything and everything to do with your health can be found with a few taps on your phone, so it’s important to recognize how media literacy ties in with health literacy.

Let’s take a step back. About 21% of US adults experience chronic pain, or pain that lasts for three or more months. Millions suffer from conditions that have no known treatment or cure. Our doctors don’t always have the answers we are looking for. After all, they can’t prescribe a treatment that doesn’t exist, or diagnose a condition that they don’t have the evidence for. And so, we strike out on our own determined to find a solution to the pain we carry every day. A solution beyond the scientific boundaries of conventional medical practice. Collectively, these solutions are referred to as alternative medicine.


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