Sweden’s Lifesum elevates personalized wellness in Europe with LYKON acquisition

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Lifesum, the global nutrition app based in Stockholm, is set to revolutionize personalized wellness in Europe through its acquisition of LYKON, Germany’s foremost biomarker-based personalized nutrition company. This strategic move combines Lifesum’s nutritional expertise with LYKON’s at-home biomarker testing and customized health solutions, providing users with a comprehensive, scientifically validated approach to health improvement. The integration promises unparalleled insights into nutritional needs and overall well-being, enhancing Lifesum’s position as a pioneer in the European wellness market. This acquisition marks a significant step in Lifesum’s transformation into an advanced wellness platform, empowering users with deep health insights and personalized recommendations based on medical science.

Lifesum, the world’s leading nutrition app, is set to redefine personalized wellness in Europe through its transformative acquisition of LYKON, the number one biomarker-based personalized nutrition company in Germany.

Combining its nutrition expertise with LYKON’s capabilities in at-home biomarker testing and customized health solutions, Lifesum aims to provide a comprehensive, personalized experience, solidifying its position as a European wellness market leader.

Lifesum users will now be able to scientifically validate their health, improve it, and access tools to change their behavior and stay on track, in a convenient and affordable manner.

“This acquisition is a game-changer. By combining LYKON’s biomarker testing capabilities with world-class software design, our users will gain unparalleled insights into their nutritional needs, metabolic type and overall well-being,” says Markus Falk, CEO of Lifesum.

Lifesum empowers millions of users to make smarter food choices and build sustainable eating habits.

With LYKON’s range of innovative medical grade biomarker solutions, Lifesum is poised to deliver a comprehensive, tailor-made wellness experience, solidifying the company’s position as a true pioneer in the European wellness market.

“This is more than an acquisition; it marks the next important stage in Lifesum’s transformation into an advanced wellness platform. Through this transaction, we can integrate LYKON’s pioneering technology to revolutionize our service and value delivered to our users,” said Falk.

LYKON’s innovations in at-home testing combined with its personalization technology provides deep health insights, offering personalized nutrition, and wellness recommendations based on medical science.

“Biomarkers provide real answers beyond just examining weight and offer a deeper perspective on the state of wellness and progression. Combining biomarkers with innovative technology enables personalized supplements and coaching to truly empower people to take care of their health. Joining forces with Lifesum allows us to provide consumers with unparalleled insights to their health. Our shared vision to improve health and well-being through a personalized approach makes it possible to leverage our offerings at scale,” says Tobias Teuber, founder of LYKON.

McKinsey’s latest Future of Wellness research of consumer trends defining the $1.8 trillion wellness market in 2024 outlines at-home biomarker tests as one of five major trends and market demands.

“We believe nutrition is the core of wellness that unlocks how well we exercise, sleep, and perform in our daily lives. Lifesum and LYKON are best positioned to provide consumers with convenient and effective at-home health solutions that deliver analyzed test results and actionable insights,” added Falk.

Lifesum’s acquisition of LYKON positions it at the forefront of this $1.8 trillion industry, ready to meet the rising demand for personalized health solutions.

Lifesum’s ambitious strategy includes forging partnerships with industry leaders like ŌURA, Nike, and Amazon, as well as pursuing further acquisitions to enrich its platform.

With over 65 millions of users worldwide and over 100 corporate customers, Lifesum is a profitable business and innovating the future of health and wellness.

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