Medifast Launches Holistic Health and Wellness Campaign

Medifast, the health and wellness company known for its habit-based and coach-guided lifestyle solution OPTAVIA, today announced the launch of the first phase of its multimillion-dollar national marketing campaign. The campaign will highlight OPTAVIA’s new offering in collaboration with LifeMD, the GLP-1 Lifestyle Program, a holistic approach to medical weight loss specifically tailored to support the needs of those utilising GLP-1 medications. This robust offering, incorporating OPTAVIA’s lifestyle and personal coaching program, provides a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a guided approach to weight management and who are committed to embarking on a life-changing health journey.

Through an investment of up to $30 million in company-led marketing efforts, Medifast is committed to driving growth and enhancing brand visibility. This high-profile national campaign, led by internationally acclaimed marketing and advertising powerhouse Dentsu Creative and leading global digital-first media agency iProspect, aims to elevate brand awareness, foster engagement and drive customer conversion, and comes on the heels of the integrated agencies winning the OPTAVIA business following a competitive review. With a multi-phase, omnichannel approach, the campaign will introduce new consumer and coach-facing branding and visuals, and elevate the website, social and digital experience.

Medifast’s investment is planned to ramp up in the second half of 2024 and form the foundation of the company’s strategy to return to growth, broadening and deepening its acquisition channels. This aligns with the company’s three strategic growth pillars – robust marketing initiatives, coaching network expansion and strategic collaboration with LifeMD – to empower individuals on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

“Rising consumer interest in GLP-1s has also brought about many questions around nutrition, muscle health and sustainability as a long-term solution for all customers. We see an incredible need for support beyond the medications, including nutrition and lifestyle – which aligns to what we have been offering for more than 40 years. In addition, we recognise significant demand for guidance from a coach and clinician,” said Dan Chard, chairman and CEO of Medifast. “We see this marketing campaign as a way to increase education around medical weight loss, highlighting the importance of taking care of one’s whole self, no matter the journey one chooses.”

The marketing campaign will promote the new GLP-1 Nutrition Support Kit, which provides nutritional support for those using weight loss medications. The kit, available for $217.15 per month with enrolment in the auto ship program, OPTAVIA Premier (retail price is $242.15), includes two OPTAVIA ACTIVE Whey Protein Powder products and five boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings, which are scientifically designed, portion-controlled, high-protein, fortified foods. The products were developed by Medifast’s Scientific & Clinical Affairs and Research & Development departments with the Whey Protein Powder intended to help individuals retain lean muscle mass and the OPTAVIA Fuelings to provide proper nutrients and satisfy hunger – making the OPTAVIA products the ideal complement to weight loss medications.

The campaign will also highlight a monthly LifeMD subscription, which includes access to a medical provider, bloodwork and prescription and insurance support. The intention is to showcase that the comprehensive offering from OPTAVIA and LifeMD can help make living a healthy lifestyle second nature for those who are considering medical weight loss, already using GLP-1 medications or looking for a solution as they transition off medication. 

“Embarking on a weight loss journey is a commitment to self-improvement – one that extends far beyond the numbers on a scale,” continued Dan. “It’s about fostering lasting habits that empower individuals to live their fullest, healthiest lives. GLP-1s are a valuable tool, though sustainable weight loss requires more than just medication; it necessitates a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, mindset and behaviour change. Rooted in both coach and clinician support, our solution prioritises these lifestyle modifications that can help offer a successful path to overall wellbeing, uniquely bridging the gap between medical intervention and holistic health.”

As medical innovation progresses, Medifast will remain steadfast in its commitment to the development of additional products and supplements designed to fulfil the evolving needs of consumers.  

Helping customers establish healthy habits has been Medifast’s focus for more than 40 years. With personalised support from an independent coach, who has likely encountered a similar experience given 90% of coaches were customers first, OPTAVIA provides effective guidance to people on their weight loss journeys. The coaches empower customers to reach their health goals based on authentic human connections that help people make living a healthy lifestyle second nature. 


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