Dr. Shumard’s Functional Medicine Is Anything but Alternative

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“Alternative Medicine” is something of a misnomer for a field that includes healthcare professionals like Dr. Jason Shumard. A Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in Functional Medicine, the core of his approach is surprisingly simple: find the cause of the problem and fix it. While so much of medicine revolves around managing symptoms and keeping conditions under control, Dr. Shumard believes in eliminating the condition at its core. He’s working to change the healthcare industry so that this isn’t considered an ‘alternative’ but a foundational approach to how professionals treat their patients. 

Beliefs Inspired by Real Stories 

Dr. Shumard came to this belief long before he was in the medical profession himself. A California native, he grew up observing chronic health problems in his loved ones, watching them struggle to manage symptoms while the core cause of their conditions went on, becoming worse and worse. He had to watch his mother succumb to the complications of type 2 diabetes. Such an early experience made his path clear and inspired his beliefs, which go surprisingly counter to the mainstream. 

Put simply, Dr. Shumard believes it’s possible to address the root causes of a medical problem, and this can be specific to each patient. That is the defining aspect: it’s patient-centric, focusing on the lives, needs, and stories of each patient to provide holistic treatments that encompass every part of their health experience. Dr. Shumard has been using this approach to address such medical problems as autoimmune conditions and thyroid issues, but he’s especially focused on type 2 diabetes. 

“My mission is to help (people) reverse type 2 diabetes,” he has said, “And empower as many people as possible to live a life of quality and vitality.” 

Individual Patients in the Big Picture 

While Dr. Shumard has set the personal goal of changing a million lives through his San Diego, California, practice, he’s also taken on the role of mentor for others in his profession and networked with peers, as well as those who once mentored him. In this wider network, Dr. Shumard advocates for a variety of approaches that he hopes will change the industry’s approach to medicine. 

On one hand, he hopes to see Functional Medicine become a mainstream approach to treatment. More than that, he hopes it can be among the very first kinds of treatment attempted. Dr. Shumard believes that treatment is most effective when it looks closely at each patient’s story, taking every aspect of their life into account instead of just identifying a symptom and treating it. 

On the other hand, Dr. Shumard is dedicated to enhancing the connection between medical professionals and their patients. Facilitating holistic changes requires a strong foundation of trust, a relationship that may require some effort to establish. Dr. Shumard aspires to develop an impactful healthcare training program aimed at empowering doctors to effectively engage patients in treatments he believes hold significant potential for positive outcomes. 

It’s About Hope 

Motivated by his own story, Dr. Shumard believes that the best medical practice is one that cares about its patients’ personal stories. He’s seen how much difference effective treatment can make, and he believes that it can do even more. His mission is to change the profession, not just improving the standard of care in his network but improving the real lives of as many as he can. 


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