Alternative Medicine practitioner offers donation-based sessions to introduce new technology

ROCKLAND — Dr. Paula Apro, of Mariposa Energy Medicine in Rockland, has recently received a generous donation from the nonprofit organization Human Kindr. With this donation, Dr. Apro has purchased a very powerful energy healing tool that she now wants to share with the local community.

“It’s not every day that people hear about high-tech energy healing modalities or tools, let alone get to try them,” said Apro, in a news release.

This particular tool is a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagetic Field) Coil and it uses frequencies and resonance to activate and repair cells, unblock meridians, detox lymphatics, and improve microcirculation.

“This is what Albert Einstein and Nikola Telsa hinted at when they both said that the future medicine would include vibration and frequency,” said Apro.

Dr. Apro is partnering with the Center for Health & Healing, 17 Masonic Street in Rockland, to offer 30-minute donation-based sessions so residents of the Midcoast can experience this new technology first-hand. The first set of these donation-based sessions will be taking place on Monday, June 24, 2024, from 1:30 – 4 p.m. Time slots are limited, and reservations are required.

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More About Dr. Paula Apro

Paula Apro is a doctor of Natural Medicine and a holistic health mentor. She is a board-certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, a Board-certified Quantum Health coach, and a certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, as well as a passionate advocate of health and wellness education. She combines ancient healing wisdom with Quantum Physics and has created a unique healing approach to combat chronic pain and illness.

More About The Center for Health and Healing

The Center for Health & Healing, created in 1990, is based on the philosophy of integration of body, mind and spirit. The Center offers a variety of health care services and educational opportunities to the community. Their practitioners use both traditional and alternative methods to help the individual discover and maintain optimal health. They provide classes, workshops and study groups for those who wish to expand their knowledge of holistic approaches to self-care.

More About Human Kindr

Human Kindr provides support for individuals who desire to improve their residential, vocational, employment, or educational situation. This organization tries to help people improve various aspects of their lives.


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