Acupuncturist opens new clinic with ‘personal feel’ in Severn

‘Being a patient-centred clinic means to me to offer one treatment at a time, not rushing appointment times,’ says owner of home-based clinic




A new, home-based clinic in Severn Township is offering a number of alternative treatments for pain management.

The Acupuncture Clinic is owned and operated by Shane McLean, R.Ac, a traditional Chinese medicine registered acupuncturist and health and lifestyle coach. He renovated and opened his new home clinic late last year and is located 10 minutes outside of Orillia in Severn on Marchmont Road.

His home clinic offers a variety of treatments ranging from muscle and joint pain, women’s health, headaches, digestion, mental health, insomnia, tiredness, blood pressure, post-stroke recovery, Parkinson’s disease, weight loss, and more.

“What I offer in my home clinic has a personal feel and is patient centred. Being a patient-centred clinic means to me to offer one treatment at a time, not rushing appointment times, no waiting room and no crossing paths with other patients,” said McLean.

“I also like to include a combination of the modalities traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture offers. Each treatment may include one of, or a combination of, electro-acupuncture, cupping, guasha, and/or tuina massage,” McLean explained.

Cupping is a manual therapy that uses suction on the muscles to release and massage them while at the same time drawing stagnant blood and body fluid up out of the muscles for lymphatic drainage to then carry away, drawing the toxins and metabolic waste out of these areas.

Guasha is a straight-edged tool and is a pressing technique similar to massage. Guasha massages the muscles, opens the pores, and helps release muscle tension.

Tuina massage is Chinese-style massage similar to how shiatsu massage is from Japan, Thai massage is from Thailand, and Swedish is from Sweden. RMT is the most modern approach to massage and is our society’s mainstream.

“Another area I have been studying more deeply is electro-acupuncture medicine. By adding low-current stimulation at certain frequencies, patient results are even more substantial,” said McLean.

To learn more and watch some videos, Shane McLean, R.Ac, has a website with online booking, Instagram and Facebook pages, and has recently started a YouTube channel.

Website and online booking:

Facebook: (or search Shane McLean R.Ac on your Facebook).

Instagram: @acushane.


For more information, The Acupuncture Clinic can be reached at 705-345-1145.



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