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Achieving Your Wellness Goals? Here Are Top 4 Nutritionists From Pune You Should Consult In 2024

Pune is home to some of the most renowned nutritionists who are making significant contributions to the field of health and wellness. These experts are not only transforming lives with their personalized diet plans and holistic approaches but also setting benchmarks in the industry with their dedication and expertise. In this article, we highlight the top 4 nutritionists from Pune who have excelled in their fields and garnered immense respect from their clients and peers alike.

Ambika Nair: Founder-Director of Sehat Plus

Ambika Nair, is a renowned Clinical Nutritionist, IDF Certified Diabetic Educator, and Registered Dietitian from Pune. With over 30 years of experience, she has built an inspiring career as a Medical Nutritionist, Corporate Wellness coach, and Lifestyle management expert. Ambika has also served on advisory panels for several renowned organizations.

As one of the most famous dietitians in Pune, Ambika has extensive expertise in Clinical Nutrition, Therapeutic Diets, Obesity management, and Critical Care Nutrition. She is currently a Senior Consultant at Jupiter Hospital Pune and runs her own company, Sehat Plus. Since 1994, she has treated over 300,000 patients and is a certified REBT, EFT Practitioner, and NLP coach.

She played a crucial role in providing dietary advice to COVID-19 patients. She also serves as the Co-Convener of the Indian Dietetic Association’s Pune Chapter and as the RD Board representative of IDA, Pune.

Sehat Plus is a medical nutrition, health, and wellness company that delivers innovative, research-based dietary interventions and personalized nutrition services. Their goal is to help individuals, families, and communities adhere to healthy meal patterns and improve overall health in a natural, simple, and easy-to-follow format.

Their vision is to provide more than just health and wellness, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based practices. Sehat Plus aims to reach the masses through individualized diet programs for various disease conditions, corporate nutrition programs, healthy kitchens in schools and hospitals, and raising awareness about proper nutrition practices.

Sehat Plus offers advanced medical nutrition therapy with over 30 years of experience, achieving 100% results in health transformation through sustainable lifestyle management by an expert team of Clinical Nutritionists.

She remains dedicated to making valuable contributions to society through her work with various NGOs, focusing on elder care, dementia and autism support, alcohol rehabilitation centres, and cancer care.

Truppti Bagri – Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach

With over 12 years of experience, Truppti Bagri is a renowned Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach in Pune. Her expertise has transformed the lives of over 3,000 clients, and she has curated more than 10,000 custom diet plans. Truppti’s educational background includes a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, a Certification in Sports Nutrition, and a Certification in Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition.

Specializing in weight management, lifestyle disorders, postpartum weight loss, women’s health (including PCOS and menopause), and customized diets for allergies, Truppti has made notable achievements such as being a weekly health and nutrition columnist in Pune.

Her clients praise her for her personalized approach, deep understanding of individual needs, and ability to deliver sustainable results. Her customized diet plans and holistic wellness strategies have led to long-lasting transformations and improved well-being.

Truppti’s philosophy and approach are centered on personalized nutrition and holistic wellness. She addresses various health concerns, including weight loss, PCOS, postpartum nutrition, acidity, bloating, immunity enhancement, and optimal gut health. Her approach focuses on personalized strategies that align with each client’s unique needs and wellness goals. In addition to her consultancy, Truppti Bagri runs TBN Health, a product line offering handmade products using 100% natural ingredients, shipped worldwide. Notable products include TBN DigestEASE for digestive health, TBN Immupro to boost immunity, TBN Face Pack for a youthful glow, and TBN Body Scrub for natural exfoliation and tan removal.

Rupali Shevade – Nutritionist and Fitness Coach

Rupali Shevade, a qualified nutritionist, certified fitness trainer and Yoga Therapist, and lifestyle coach, is dedicated to helping people achieve their transformation. She believes that any food can be part of a weight loss plan if consumed correctly, and any exercise can contribute to weight loss when paired with a balanced diet.

She emphasizes that fitness and well-being are not one-size-fits-all. Each person needs a tailored diet and exercise plan to reach their personal health goals. Factors like habits, lifestyle, work schedules, and stress significantly impact our health. Rupali advises against crash diets, as rapid weight loss often results in quick regain. Instead, she recommends proper, balanced, and enjoyable weight-loss foods.

Fitness, according to Rupali, requires consistency and self-belief. Her clients have completed her programs, achieving goals like weight loss, post-pregnancy fat reduction, weight gain, senior citizen fitness, child nutrition, and general well-being. Her consultations begin with a lifestyle analysis and progress towards a well-charted fitness plan, ensuring each journey is enjoyable, sustainable, and effective.

Rupali offers various programs, including Fitness First, Post-Pregnancy, Child Nutrition, Lifestyle Diseases Fitness, Fit Family, Working Professionals, and Pre-Wedding Weight Loss. 

Notably, she is working on a dream project from 21st July to 28th October 2024, aiming to heal 1,000 diabetic patients through her diet and fitness programs.

She offers advanced DNA-Based Transformation programs as a Certified Nutrigenomic Consultant. With the availability of DNA testing, she helps clients understand their bodies as incredible machines with intricate programming. Based on your gene response, Rupali tailors personalized plans covering nutrition, diet, exercise, personality traits, and lifestyle disorders. This unique and highly personalized approach leads to remarkable transformations, showcasing the power of advanced technology and yielding amazing results.

Sheetal Mudgal: Clinical Dietician

With over 21 years of experience, Sheetal Mudgal is a highly qualified Clinical Dietician specializing in diabetes, heart disease, thyroid and hormonal imbalance, infertility, weight management, kidney nutrition, liver diseases, cancer, pediatric nutrition, and more. Her impressive educational background includes a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Health Institute Kerala, an MSc in Dietetics and Food Service Management from IGNOU, and a Bachelor’s in Food Technology and Management from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Additionally, she is a Certified Diabetes Educator (ADA) and has certifications in Advanced Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomic Counseling.

Sheetal focuses on metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalance, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, kidney nutrition, fatty liver, infertility, blood pressure, heart disease, and bariatric surgery nutrition. She has actively participated in notable projects, such as the WeTogether Care Kidney patient platform.

Her philosophy emphasizes supporting long-term health and well-being by reducing the risk of chronic diseases and promoting enjoyable living. She believes healthy eating habits should be tailored to individual preferences, culture, tradition, and budget. Sheetal acknowledges the importance of environmental and genetic factors on health, gut health, holistic health, conscious nutrition, and the connection between nutrition and mood. She prioritizes health and wellness over weight and appearance and advocates for mindful eating practices.

Sheetal offers both online and offline consultations, corporate health awareness training, special scientific diet programs for festivals or traditions, and community-based nutrition awareness camps.

Her clients consistently praise her personalized approach, expertise, and the sustainable results they achieve. Testimonials highlight significant weight loss, improved energy levels, and better management of health conditions like fatty liver, hypothyroidism, and chronic kidney disease. Patients appreciate her customized diet plans and her ability to make sustainable lifestyle changes enjoyable.

Doctors also commend Sheetal’s services for helping patients achieve their health goals through personalized and effective nutritional guidance. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication have significantly impacted the lives of many patients, improving their overall quality of life.

These top nutritionists from Pune are committed to enhancing your well-being through expert guidance and personalized care. Consulting any of these professionals will help you achieve your health goals with confidence and ease.

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